Enjoy Europe as it used to be . . .

Imame vremeWe have time,”  is a favorite Macedonian saying and also how Patrice Koerper designs her cultural retreats and tours of Macedonia. You’ll not only see the beauty and history of this ancient, mountainous country, you will Experience Macedonia.

Patrice Koerper lived in Macedonia, which was ruled by the Ottoman Turks for 500 years and was the last country to leave Yugoslavia, as a 50+ Peace Corps Volunteer from 2006-2009. She learned first-hand the charm and mystery Macedonia offers. Each year she invites a small group of adventurous travelers to join her as she revisits the people and places she loves in this small southeastern European country.

In March 2015 a new group of 8 or fewer guests will gather for 10-14 days for a unique blend of sightseeing and being Macedonian. The pace of this journey is low key and at times will feel as relaxing as a retreat, and yet, you will still have plenty of time to visit and explore historic sites, villages, markets and traditional restaurants.

If you are a seasoned traveler looking for something new, or a new traveler looking for an adventure, contact Patrice Koerper at 813-719-0769 or by email at patricekoerper@gmail.com

Here’s an Experience Macedonia 2015 color pdf brochure for you or to share with family or friends.