On the road in 2011

Baba Mountains near Bitola, Macedonia

Did you know Macedonia was one of CNBC’s top 10 destinations for 2011?

Or, that in 2010 the New York Times selected Macedonia as the #21 of 31 places to go?

I will be heading back to Macedonia in May and June. In 2010, I was lucky enough to return for two months while hosting Americans for three and four weeks as part of my first cultural tour.

“The three weeks went too fast, we don’t want to leave! And, we all want to come back. V & J, J.Q, J.C.”

This year, my guests will be touring Macedonia and perhaps northern Greece. I invite you to join us on our amazing journey of personal and cultural discovery. To learn more about these inexpensive, two to four-week visits, contact me at wishfulthinkingworks@gmail.com. Here is what 2010’s travelers had to say:

“Home – safe and sound – trip went smoothly . . . miss Macedonia . . . Saying ‘thank you’ is not enough to express our gratitude for the difference you made for us. For a friendship, so quickly made – and travel half way around the world – we could never have anticipated the difference it has made for us.You are a delight to be with . . . Hugs to you and all of our new friends in Macedonia. Big hug, V & J”

“I have traveled often and far and this has been the best food, ever. J.Q.”

“Traveling with Patrice in Macedonia was simply a fantastic experience. She is full of information on the country and knows people in all walks of life. Macedonian’s history leaves much to explore, and the food is so delicious. For me, a month in Bitola was not enough time to take in the whole country and to explore a bit of Bulgaria and Greece. I want to return. P.B.” 

Map of Macedonia


Click Macedonia 2010 to enjoy some of the sites and moments we experienced. Below are a few of my Peace Corps (PC) photo memories I haven’t shared, as yet.


One afternoon while hiking a friend brought me to the hillside home of this kind and caring brother and sister team, who lived alone in the middle of nowhere. They had so little, but were preoccupied with finding something to share with us.
PC Teen Art Project in Veles, Macedonia: the kids created the art to share what they loved best about their city. We exhibited and sold the art to other PCVs, so they would have art for the apartments they were moving into to begin their PC assignments.  The funds raised were used to fund more art projects.
In late September to early October many Macedonians are involved in making avjar, a tasty mild flavored red pepper spread. It takes hours to roast and peel the peppers and then hours more to stir the pot!

  I hope you can join us in Macedonia this fall.

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